Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Traveling

With traveling plans on the horizon and preparations such as booking tickets, choosing places to stay and mapping out the schedule underway, often times you forget to take the right steps that keep your eyes healthy. Check out the following tips to keep your eyes healthy when you are on the road.

1. Keep your eyes clean

You may be so tired and choose to sleep right away without cleaning up your face from make up leftover, dust or any other types of dirt. As a result, you wake up the following day with itchy, smarting and watery eyes - a sign of irritation as stated on

Aside from carrying along practical face cleansing products, make sure that you always have Eye Mo Regular Eye Drops ready in your bag. Simply apply 1-2 drops into either one or both of your irritated eyes. It contains active agents that can kill the bacteria causing itchy eyes, so you can go back to enjoying your holiday.

2. Overcome dry eyes

Traveling on airplane, staying at air-conditioned hotel rooms and visiting sites with low humidity, such as desert or mountains, can cause dry eyes. If you neglect this, it may lead to eye irritation with symptoms such as red eyes, itchy eyes or watery eyes.

As a substitute for natural eyewater, The National Institutes of Health recommends using artificial eye water or eye drops such as Eye Mo Moist. This product contains active agents that can solve dry eyes and kill the bacteria causing irritation. The small packaging allows you to carry it anywhere, be it in your bag or your pocket.

3. Protect your eyes from the bad effects of sunlight

According to American Academy of Ophthalmology, exposure to sunlight may increase the risks for cataracts, macular degeneration even intraocular melanoma.  To protect your eyes when traveling, make sure that you have sunglasses ready to filter UVA and UVB up to 97%-100% and put on a wide-edged hat. Use these means of protection especially during 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. as sunlight is typically scorching in these hours; even when it is cloudy, sunlight is still able to penetrate through the clouds.

Do not take keeping your eyes healthy during your travels lightly. So enjoy your holiday and may these tips come in handy!

Quick fact

Soft lens with a high water level can pass on more oxygen to the eyes